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Food and I have been BFFs since I can remember. Like when I was a kid watching The Flinstones was cool and all, but I didn’t even blink when I watched Jacque Pepin whip egg whites in one of those super expensive copper bowls. Or how about when I first learned how to make French Toast and my fingers got all gooey from dipping slices of bread in egg batter. That was the best! I pretty much made French Toast every weekend for two years after that. And then there was that time at band camp in high school when a friend and I had a report due the next day for our English class and we devoured a whole gallon of fat-free frozen yoghurt because, we were on a “diet”and it was helping us “concentrate.” Yeah I think you get it. I love food, and I especially love discovering and understanding the stories behind our food. Everyone has a personal story to share about a certain food experience or family recipe and with Thirteen Plums I plan to share those stories with you. We will get some time in my huge kitchen (read super tiny), you’ll meet my mom aka “Little Mom” and learn how to cook some amazing Persian food, and we’ll head out to meet some folks in the Bay Area to learn about what they’re cooking up.  We’ll be learning, sharing and cooking together through it all. It will be a great time, I pinky promise.

Oh yeah, you probably want to know the story behind the name of this blog. Well since every other person on the planet has a food blog I found it ridiculously difficult to find a name that wasn’t taken. So one Sunday afternoon in my best Donnie Brasco voice I just said “Fuggehdaboutit” and paired my lucky number which is thirteen with my favorite summer fruit and called it a day.  Welcome to Thirteen Plums, where I’ll be sharing food stories one bite at a time.

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