Kale, Potato and Cheese Pop Tarts

Pop Tart Stack

I love Kale, who doesn’t? In fact, I’ve already featured a recipe using kale on this blog. Sautéed Kale over rice has been part of my dinner rotation for quite some time. But lately, I’ve wanted to mix things up and try something different with kale. So I took to the internet and found inspiration from a recipe for Savory Kale, Garlic and Cauliflower Purée Pop Tarts posted on the lovely blog, Reclaiming Provincial. For this recipe, I used store-bought filo dough instead of making dough from scratch, added toasted pine nuts to the kale filling for crunch and opted for a potato puree instead of cauliflower. The crunchiness of the pine nuts combined with the buttery crispiness of the filo dough makes for a most indulgent snack.

Kale, Potato and Cheese Pop Tarts

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Happy New Year!

I hope this message finds you all well and settling into this new year.

Yikes! Has it really been over a month since I published a post? Indeed it has, but rest assured the Thirteen Plums kitchen has been cranking out some tasty bites such as, Cheesy Saffron Croquettes known in my family as, Persian Poppers, and some not so tasty bites – Chocolate Chip Cookies. How I messed up chocolate chip cookies is beyond me. I’m embarrassed to even say it, but it happened, and I’m humbled. Even something as simple as a chocolate chip cookie can be a teacher in the kitchen.

Over the holidays, I bought René Redzepi’s newest book A Work in Progress.  This three-volume book is more than a cookbook, A Work in Progress includes a book of snapshots, a recipe book and most important of all a personal journal that Redzepi wrote over the course of a year while running his famous restaurant Noma. Ironically, in his journal Redzepi celebrates his failures almost more than his successes.  For Redzepi the courage to take risks is necessary in the kitchen, because to him, “successes are just drops” along the line of failure. In a talk at The Castro Theater in San Francisco, Redzepi said, “If we’re not failing than we are not pushing hard enough… we have to play like we have nothing to lose.” We’ve all heard something along these lines before, but something about this book and that talk resonates with me more than ever. And I reflect on Thirteen Plums, and I think to myself, what has inhibited me from posting? Why have I neglected something I love?  The answer is simply, fear of failure.  And I realize I’m going about this all wrong and what actually NEEDS to happen ARE some failures, some mishaps, some not so perfect posts, a bad batch of cookies, because that’s where the genius lies… in making mistakes. We learn from our mistakes, and that knowledge makes up the fabric of who we are.  So what I’m saying to you and myself is go ahead make mistakes, do something outrageous, fail, learn something new, and trust that you’re on your way to greatness. 

Happy 2014 folks! Let’s make it great!!!